It’s National Fire Prevention Week and friends at the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) are emphasizing the importance of “ASSESSMENT” in preventing lightning-sparked fires that can be devastating to our communities. In support of #FirePreventionWeek 2023, we’re sharing these risk-assessment thoughts and tips from LPI:

Prevention starts with “ASSESSMENT.” What can you do to prevent a fire? damages? fatalities?

Lightning causes fire – and so much more to homeowners and business owners. The NFPA 780 Standard outlines the protocols for the proper assessment and installation of lightning protection systems.

Lightning protection systems are scientifically proven to mitigate the risks of a lightning strike.

The intensity of heat and energy in one lightning strike can knock out an electrical system and destroy all the devices attached to that system. The impact can be devastating. Here are just a few consequences:

HOME: Costly repairs and equipment replacement (TVs, washer/dryer, computers…)  
BUSINESS: Emails and communication stopped, production downtime and loss of revenue
COMMUNITY/Critical Facilities: Inability to meet the emergencies of individuals or the community (fire stations, police stations, hospitals, emergency operation centers…)

And at the very worst – loss of life.

Prevention starts with assessment. Assess your risks of a lightning strike. 
COMPLETE Prevention = Assessment + Specification + Installation + Inspection

LPI provides resources for prevention…resources to be prepared – be protected. The NFPA 780 provides a simple and detailed approach to lightning risk assessment.

On a personal note, we at Loehr Lightning Protection Co share a “thank you” to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), for its leadership in the fire safety movement AND its track record of maintaining and improving lightning protection system safety standards. NFPA’s efforts are helping to build lightning safe communities!