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A Little History Behind the Big Striking Difference

Long-time lightning rod installers of Virginia

We can’t forget our history and who started it all. “Big Joe” was truly a legend, and anyone who ever met him on a job site or in a social setting surely had a story to tell about the man with the big hands. Those strong, capable hands installed countless lightning protection systems for countless satisfied Virginia customers beginning in 1947. From sealing contracts with a handshake—to driving ground rods with an iron fist—Joe’s hands were the company’s calling card that defined expertise and excellence. He believed reputation was everything, and as his reputation for quality service grew throughout the state, so did the company.

When he left the world suddenly and too soon in 1980, Loehr Lightning Protection was blessed to have a savvy, gutsy professional waiting in the wings to weather the storm. A young widow with five children and few financial resources, Joe’s wife, Barbara (who became known as “B.K.”), knew little about her husband’s craft as a lightning rod installers or the lightning protection industry. But she had the work ethic, intellect and passion to steer the ship into a prosperous new chapter which became the family business, Loehr Lightning Protection Co. Inc.

Now 75 years later as a third-generation family-owned and operated business, “LLP” enjoys an industry reputation for quality workmanship, friendly service and ethical business practices. Contractors, construction managers and property owners have come to rely on Loehr Lightning Protection for safe, affordable and reliable protection against nature’s leading weather risk. With lightning strikes on the rise, it’s important to use a contractor like us to keep your buildings protected.

Since our beginnings in 1947, reputation remains our most important asset. With countless commercial, industrial, historic and residential projects to our credit, LLP continues to make a striking difference in the lightning protection industry. And most importantly, customers across Virginia are still enjoying peace of mind of knowing they’re in good hands when contracting with Loehr Lightning Protection Co.

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Lightning rod installers

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Suzanne F. Loehr, Owner

Kimberly A. Loehr, Owner

Milicent Loehr Lynch

Director of Communications,
LPI Journeyman

Marc Sutton

Lead Estimator & Project Manager,
LPI Master Installer

Joseph Moore

Crew Leader & Project Manager,
LPI Master Installer

Veasna Thav

Project Manager & Crew Leader

Christopher Whitehurst

Project Manager, LPI Master Installer

Christian Waddell

LPI Master Installer

Hamilton Sage

LPI Journeyman

Jacob Lade

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Lightning Rod Installers
How Does It Work?

Lightning Rod Installers

To safeguard buildings and structures from the lightning risk, we install safety standard-compliant lightning protection systems (lightning rod installations). Lightning protection systems function like a grounding network to direct the destructive electricity from the lightning strike safely into the ground, stopping it from damaging your business or home or injuring occupants inside.

It is important to get an expert who knows how to install the lightning protection system (lightning rods) correctly so that it works properly. Having a lightning protection system installed for your house or company building can provide safety and peace of mind for your family or business when thunderstorms occur.

How Does It Work?

If you're considering installing a lightning protection system, it's essential to understand how it works to ensure your building is safe from lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems work by providing a low-resistance path for lightning to travel to the ground. This is achieved by installing a network of metal conductors on the roof and outer walls of your building, with one or more lightning rods placed at the highest point. When lightning strikes, the electric current is safely diverted through the conductors and into the ground, protecting your building, electrical equipment, and occupants from damage. To ensure full protection, it's essential to choose qualified lightning rod installers to design and install the system correctly, ensuring it meets all local codes and regulations. With the right protection in place, you can enjoy peace of mind, no matter how severe the weather gets.