Lightning Protection Services

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As your experienced and trusted lightning protection provider, LLP’s focus is to provide the most economical and proven approach to solve your grounding and lightning protection services needs.

Many people don’t realize that lightning can be prevented from striking their homes, businesses, trees, farms, and historical monuments. To do this, you must install a lightning protection system. This system works by channeling the electricity of a lightning strike into the ground rather than allowing it to cause damage to your property. Such systems can include components such as lightning rods, cables, and surge protectors.

In addition to preventing direct strikes on your property, these systems also help protect against electrical surges and fire hazards caused by nearby lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems are becoming more popular – in fact, the demand for such services has increased by nearly 170% since 2011! This is likely due to improved awareness of the dangers posed by lightning strikes, as well as an increasing reliance on technology in modern homes and workplaces.

Installing a lightning protection system is not only important for safety reasons but also for peace of mind. Knowing that your property is protected against one of nature’s most destructive elements is certainly reassuring. There are also many insurance companies who offer discounted rates to those who have installed such systems – so there’s potential for cost savings too!

Consultation & Design

LLP provides complete lightning protection services that include system (LPS) specification, technical support, site surveys and testing and LPS design. From small residential projects—to complex industrial job sites, LLP has the knowledge and experience to service any lightning protection need.

Estimating & Surveys

LLP provides turnkey estimates and proposals for any type of grounding or lightning protection system application. Our estimates adhere to all national safety standard requirements for safe and effective lightning protection systems.

LPS Installation

A professionally installed lightning protection system (LPS) includes a network of specially manufactured components and a system design that adheres to nationally recognized safety standards of LPI, NFPA and UL. LLP’s installation team boasts some of the best talent in the LPS industry to ensure the best quality lightning protection services. Our team’s attention to detail, aesthetics and safety standard requirements are second to none.

Ground Testing

Lightning protection is a specialty trade that rarely falls under the expertise of electricians or general contractors which is why NFPA 780 is separate from the National Electric Code (NEC). LLP is equipped to provide ground testing for your facility to include ohm resistance testing in accordance with U.S. government requirements and standards.


Maintenance is important for overall LPS quality control and especially critical when modifications are made to a structure equipped with a lightning protection system. Roof renovations, HVAC work or building alterations are common scenarios calling for LPS maintenance. LLP’s team provides onsite LPS inspections and follow-up reports to ensure quality control for your structure’s lightning protection system.


LLP provides a variety of field services to ensure the safety and integrity of LPS systems for any building application to ensure quality control for components and materials and effectiveness of the grounding and continuity of the lightning protection system. As a UL-listed and LPI certified firm, we can also arrange for third-party LPS inspection and certification services with UL or LPI-IP.