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Lightning Protection Contractors

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Celebrating 75 years of Lightning Protection!

Since 1947, LLP’s single focus has been to protect lives, property and material assets from lightning’s deadly and destructive force. Our heart, mind and passion for customer service and lightning protection excellence has established LLP as Virginia’s leader in lightning protection contractors.

Loehr Lightning Protection Co. (LLP) is a family-owned women-owned and operated Virginia-based business dedicated to customer service, quality workmanship, ethical business practices and safe installation measures.

We take pride
in our reputation

  • Lightning protection contractors with a heart for customer service
  • Quality work, friendly service and safe business practices
  • Dedicated, caring personnel
  • Community involvement and historic preservation
  • Advancement of marketplace integrity, safety & product reliability in the lightning protection (LPS) industry
  • Compliance with U.S. Safety Standards for Lightning Protection Systems (LPI-175, NFPA 780 and UL96A)

Virginia’s Trusted Leader in Lightning Protection Contractors

Based on reputation and expertise, LLP has provided lightning protection systems for thousands of commercial, government, industrial, historic, and residential customers. Notable clients include Altria, Anheuser-Busch, Capital One, Dominion Energy, Historic Williamsburg, Walmart, MCV, VCU, UVA, U of R, and Verizon.

Since 1947, LLP has served as Virginia’s leader in lightning protection design, consultation and installation and is known as an “historic specialist” in the LPS industry. LLP is UL-listed for lightning protection installation with Underwriter’s Laboratories and a member of industry trade organizations including: LPI, LSA, ULPA, HBVA and HBAR.

Lightning Protection Contractors in Virginia

LLP is also a member of the Virginia Historical Society, and an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia—holding an “A+” consumer rating (BBB.org). LLP is a SWaM business, certified by the Virginia Department of Small Business Supplier Diversity (SBSD) as a qualified Small Women-Owned Micro-Business participant in the state procurement Small Business Set-Aside Program.

As an LPI-certified Master Installer/Designer (MID Lightning Protection Institute) firm and Class “A” Contractor, LLP is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of lightning protection and grounding services available in the industry. As the top lightning protection contractors in Virginia, it is LLP’s priority to continue our reputation as “A Striking Difference” in the lightning protection industry for many years to come. When thunder ROARS, call the LOEHRS!


“I’m proud of how our house, The Francesca turned out. It is aesthetically beautiful, technologically advanced, and won many awards…We have had many inquiries about the lightning protection system.” 

~ Builder, Jefferson Homes, Williamsburg, VA 


“It was a pleasure to watch your team installing the lightning protection system at our home in Kingsmill. They were prompt, careful, considerate and kept us well informed. We are quite happy with the job and would like you to pass on our thanks to your installation team.” 

~ W. Schmid, homeowner, Williamsburg, VA 


“I wanted to thank you for your concern and consideration while your work was in progress. I hope that all of our people take equal pride and interest in their product.” 

~ CEO James River Corporation of Virginia 


“Your workmen did an excellent job in every way, and I want you to know how delighted I am with every aspect of your service. It is a pleasure to deal with a firm that is competent and does what they say they will do when they say it will be done.” 

~ Executive V.P. Greenwood Partnership, Lynchburg, VA


“I would like to thank you for the professional job you and your company did installing the lightning rod protection on 13 buildings…You were able to deliver all that was promised, including the most important and often difficult aspect of working around the Resort’s guests’ schedules…My staff enjoyed working with you and we wish you continued success.” 

~ President, Kingsmill Community Services, Williamsburg, VA


“I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how pleased I was with our installation in Bath County. Your team was led well by Joe Moore. He and Chris were very professional and courteous at all times. We had some challenges with weather and a few surprises on the job, but your team handled everything extremely well and I am very please with the system. I had a few questions along the way. Joe was very patient and thorough with his answers and really helped me understand system basics. I will sleep much better now up on this hilltop knowing that I have a great protection system installed by real pros. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone considering lightning protection for their home or business.” 

~ Satisfied homeowner, Bath County, VA 

Lightning Leadership

Three generations of family owned business

Kimberly A. Loehr & Suzanne F. Loehr

Home Lightning Protection System
Lightning Rod Installer
Lightning Protection Contractors

Home Lightning Protection Services

Lightning protection systems (commonly known as lightning rods) are installed for safeguarding homes against the lightning risk. These systems work by intercepting lightning strikes and diverting the electrical current safely to the ground. The air terminals or strike termination devices (lightning rods) act as conductors, reducing the amount of damage the lightning can cause by redirecting it to a low-resistance path. When installed correctly, lightning protection systems can provide a degree of protection that can give homeowners peace of mind. It is important to engage the services of a professional lightning protection system specialist (lightning rod installer), who can provide expert guidance on the correct installation procedure.

Homeowners in Virginia should prioritize home lightning protection systems to ensure the safety of their families and homes. Lightning strikes can cause significant damage and even pose a risk to human lives. Installing lightning protection is an effective way of minimizing the damage caused by these powerful natural occurrences. Homeowners should seek a certified lightning protection specialist (lightning rod installer) with the competence and experience to guide them in choosing the right equipment, assessing the location, and the installation procedure. With lightning protection systems in place, homeowners can rest assured that they are safeguarded against the dangers of lightning strikes in Virginia.

Lightning Rod Installer

To safeguard buildings and structures from the lightning risk, we install safety standard-compliant lightning protection systems (lightning rod installations). Lightning protection systems function like a grounding network to direct the destructive electricity from the lightning strike safely into the ground, stopping it from damaging your business or home or injuring occupants inside.

It is important to get an expert who knows how to install the lightning protection system (lightning rods) correctly so that it works properly. Having a lightning protection system installed for your house or company building can provide safety and peace of mind for your family or business when thunderstorms occur.

Lightning Protection Contractors

There are many things that lightning protection contractors protect from storms. Here is a list of some of the things we protect from strikes:

  • Homes
  • Skyscrapers and other tall structures
  • Trees (especially tall ones)
  • Cell towers
  • Wind turbines
  • Car charging stations
  • Historic buildings

If you need to protect any of these types of structures from lightning strikes, call Loehr's today! Your #1 lightning protection contractor!