At Loehr Lightning Protection Co. (LLP), we’ve been standing as Virginia’s bulwark against the destructive force of lightning for over seven decades. With our primary focus on safeguarding lives, property, and material assets, we’ve built a strong reputation as the leading lightning protection contractors in the region. Our legacy lies in our relentless dedication to customer service and our commitment to lightning protection excellence.

A Family-Owned, Woman-Led Business

Founded in 1947, LLP is a proud family-owned and woman-operated business. We’re not just another corporate entity; we’re a family that understands the importance of protecting your family and your assets with our lightning protection services. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the installation of lightning protection systems. It’s about building relationships based on trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to safety.

Quality Workmanship Meets Ethical Business Practices

With every project we undertake, our team at LLP is committed to delivering exceptional quality workmanship. Our skilled technicians are meticulously trained to ensure each installation is done flawlessly, offering optimum protection against lightning strikes.

But our commitment doesn’t end at delivering high-quality services. We believe in conducting our business ethically and transparently, ensuring our customers always know what to expect from us. We maintain clear and open lines of communication, providing regular updates and prompt responses to any inquiries or concerns.

Safety: Our Foremost Priority

At Loehr Lightning Protection, safety isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of our business. We adhere to the strictest safety standards during every installation process, ensuring not only the safety of the structures we’re protecting but also the wellbeing of our team.

We believe that our duty to protect extends to our own team, and we’ve implemented stringent safety measures, regular training sessions, and comprehensive safety orientations. This commitment to safety has not only helped us maintain an exemplary safety record but also ensured the peace of mind for our customers.

Choose Loehr Lightning Protection: Your Shield Against Lightning

For over 70 years, LLP has been Virginia’s trusted partner in providing lightning protection services. Our passion for customer service, commitment to quality work, ethical business practices, and stringent safety measures have cemented our position as the state’s leader in lightning protection contractors.

When you choose LLP, you’re not just choosing a service. You’re choosing a partner dedicated to protecting what matters most to you – your family, your property, and your assets. Let us stand guard against the destructive power of lightning, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in safe hands. Choose Loehr Lightning Protection – because your safety is our mission.