Occupied roofs and green roofs are increasing in popularity as they provide a wide array of benefits for building owners and their resident guests. Often designed to incorporate rooftop gardens, patios and areas for community gatherings, these roofs can also provide environmental benefits in terms of energy efficiency, improved air quality and storm water augmentation management. While a popular choice for eco-friendly buildings, green roof environments are typically located at the top or perimeter of a structure, making them susceptible to damaging lightning strikes. As Virginia’s trusted lightning protection provider since 1947, LLP has the experience and expertise to fortify green roof environments against nature’s leading weather threat.

It’s imperative that rooftop lightning protection for occupied and green roof environments are incorporated into a total building lightning protection system (LPS) approach. Ultimately, that best approach will consider the entire structure so that the LPS is designed and installed in compliance with industry specifications and nationally recognized safety standards for quality assurance. A qualified, experienced LPS professional can assess variables and risks to determine the most appropriate solution for your green roof environment.

Not only is lightning protection effective and affordable, it provides another important measure to improve building safety, resiliency and sustainability. So, if you’re going green with roofing and building plans, don’t forget LLP offers green roof lightning protection.