Loehr Lightning Protection has worked statewide to provide safe and reliable lightning protection systems for many of Virginia’s military facilities. Our crew is enrolled in the RapidGate Verification Program. Some of our clients include: Langley AFB, NAS Oceana, FBI Quantico, Norfolk Naval Weapons Station, Fort Lee, Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe and Fort Story. We provide installations in accordance with UL96A, NFPA 780 and LPI-175 Safety Standards for lightning protection systems, quality assurance inspections, project close-out documents, maintenance reviews and system evaluations on a routine basis.

Fort Story

Virginia Beach Courthouse

Fort Lee

Fort Pickett

Nas Oceana

Damn Neck Naval Base

Veterans Affair Medical Center

Virginia state capitol

Federal Reserve

Fort Belvoir


Langley Federal Air Force Base

The Netherlands Embassy & Ambassadors House

Fort A.P. HillĀ 

More references available upon request.